My name is Rev. Kevin L. Wilson. We thought a face to go along with this site would hopefully de-mystify the ominous and scary nature of this web-site. The future will be incomprehensibly scary if you don't know Jesus Christ, but we hope you think us not a band of monsters for loving you enough to tell you so! I am the pastor of a church. Denominationally it is a Southern Baptist  Church (Same as Billy Graham). You don't find any of us in prison or scandal: we have our heads on straight. I am also an instructor in comparative religions for my denomination as my credentials indicate. I therefore know what I am talking about relative to references found within this site concerning cults and other major religions.

You couldn't care less about my "hobbies" right?



My Credentials

Certificate  of Ordination

Certificate of License

Relevant Schooling-Master of Divinity

Interfaith Witness Instructor-Mormonism

Interfaith Witness Instructor-The Occult

Interfaith Witness Instructor-The New Age Movement

Interfaith Witness Instructor-Islam

Interfaith Witness Instructor-Jehovah's Witnesses

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