What This Site Is About And What It Is Claiming

1. To illustrate how close to "The End" we MAY be.

2. That despite Convention Ignorance, the Bible can be trusted not only for day to day living, but the future as well as you will see.

3. This is evidenced in this site in that what John prophesied almost 2,000 years ago relative to the Mark of the Beast is being realized even as we "speak".

4. At no other time is earth history did the technology exist to fully digitize currency, universalize said currency and control its distribution and transfer on a global scale. 666 will obviously and eventually replace for instance the PIN. number to access an A.T.M. When biometric technology becomes the norm relative to the accessing of accounts and services, Anti-Christ will most likely require the 666 prefix to access moneys and services as a sign of allegiance to him. With the full implementation of biometric technology, no other numbers will be required to access and distribute moneys. Refusal to receive his mark will result in a denial in the ability to conduct even the simplest form of activity and will render you an enemy of the state. Refer to "The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich: A History Of Nazi Germany" by William L Shirer if you are not aware of or refuse to acknowledge that there exists historical precedent.

5. That the Mark of the Beast is nowhere on the planet available today in any way shape or form; so don't be deceived. You'll know it when it gets here; the state will require this emblem on your forehead or on/in your hand.

6. Receiving this mark WILL eternally damn you. (Rev. 14:9-11)

7. There is a way to avoid the inevitable; Romans 10:9-13. This is the only way to avoid it. That's how universal Anti-Christ's' control will be. 007 tactics will not defeat the Beast. Jesus Christ alone will have supremacy over Satan's man. You'd best align yourself with Him. Were the Jews and the other enemies of the Fuhrer able to escape the trains to the death camps? Don't deceive yourself into thinking you will escape Anti-Christ. All may feel well today, but this "DAY" IS on the horizon. Other churches may be to afraid to tell you the truth or be too theologically fashionable to tell you the truth or just be too plain ignorant to tell you the truth, but the pastor of Planet Church suffers from none of these things.

8. You may contact through snail-mail only. We cannot handle all the E-mail we get. If you have questions, comments, would like help in finding a church, or, wish to help support this ministry*, you may contact us at:

Planet Church

P.O. Box 2364

Portsmouth, Virginia 23702

Only legitimate and serious correspondence will be forwarded to the author of this site. Valid return addresses are a requirement.

*If you are already a Christian, we only accept financial support from those who currently support their own churches first. If you get sick or have a problem, much as I would love to, I can't be there. Your pastor will be. Support him or her. If you are not financially supporting your church, shame on you? ): How do you sleep at night? (: (: (: Just kidding'.

Churches interested in having Revelation seminars in their churches may contact Pastor Wilson at the same address.

In the very near future audio tapes will available on the entire Book of Revelation and many other topics.

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