Dear Muslim Friends,

 God is ONE. God expresses Himself in three distinct ways as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To make this easy to understand think of a human man. He can be a father, a son, and a brother. He is one man but expresses different aspects of himself as a father, son, or brother. This is such an easy concept I have never understood why they don't get it! Then to say that the Creator of the universe wouldn't operate in this manner is absurd. 

Muslims also do not understand the concept of a good and loving God that would be willing to die for our sins because He loved us so much. 

Only God is perfect and thus the only sacrifice for all sin. 

The god of Islam is not a loving god, not a god willing to sacrifice himself for his children. 

The Muslims god commands human sacrifice in jihad to assure of eternal life in the Muslim paradise

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