TAPE #R118 "He Is Coming Back: Are You Ready?" Revelation 1:1-8 Introduction, why study this book, how do we know what will happen. Overview of what will happen and when. Is it close?

TAPE # R1920 "Jesus:Why Serve Another God?" Revelation1:9-20 Describes the horrors that will shortly befall Earth, only Jesus can save us. Continued introduction.

TAPE #R217 "Good Churches, Bad Churches" Revelation 2:1-7 Describes the Church at Ephesus, the loveless Church. Why Jesus is upset here.

TAPE #R2811 "The Church That Pain Built" Revelation 2:8-11 Describes the Church at Smyrna an excellent Church. Persecution then and now.

TAPE #R21217 "The Compromising Church" Revelation 2:12-17 General commendations and rebukes. Satan's throne dwells at this Church.

TAPE #R21829 "Thyatira: The Corrupt Church" Revelation 2:18-29 You do not want to be this Church!

TAPE #R316 "The Dead Church" Revelation 3:1-6 Describes the Church at Sardis. A big Church but not a Church of God. Programs and popularity over dedication.

TAPE #R4111 "Throne Room of Heaven" Revelation 4:1-11 Describes the Rapture, where did everyone go? Throne Room, John's Vision of what will happen now.

TAPE #R517 "The Lamb Takes The Scroll of Doom." Revelation 5:1-7 What is "The Scroll", who is worthy to open it? Why is God sending destruction?

TAPE #R5814 "Worthy Is The Lamb" Revelation 5:8-14 We serve a fantastic Savior; you should be too!

TAPE #R616 "The Beginning of Sorrows Part 1" Revelation 6:1-6 Describes the first 3 Judgment "Seals" and what happens when they are opened. Tragedy begins, will Earth repent and come to God?

TAPE #R6717 "The Beginning of Sorrows Part 2" Revelation 6:7-17 The "Seal" Judgments 4-6. It's going to get REALLY bad!

TAPE #R718 "144,00 Jews For Jesus" Revelation 7:1-8 Describes what the famed 144,000 are and are not. Evangelists in the Last Days and their message. Will you listen if you are here?

TAPE #R7917 "Off With Their Heads, What A Revival" Revelation 7:9-17 This tape will answer the "why" of all this tragedy and why it will get worse. It does not have to though: for you!

TAPE #R817 "The Silence Is Golden" Revelation 8:1-7 Describes a pause between the 6th and 7th Seal Judgment and why. Devastation of the planet in multiple forms. Will Man repent?

TAPE #R8813 "The Sky Will be Falling" Revelation 8:8-13 Asteroids in the news and God's news, the 7th Seal Judgment and Trumpet Judgments 2-4. More earthy destruction and carnage, why?

TAPE #R9112 "Convicts on the Loose" Revelation 9:1-12 Describes the Trumpet Judgment #5, mutated creatures, mass suicide attempts. Will Earth change?

TAPE #R91321 "What Will It Take For Man To Change?" Revelation 9:13-21 Describes Trumpet Judgment #6, multiple plagues, angel killers, man chooses not to repent.

TAPE #R1017 "Deadly Little Book" Revelation 10:1-7 Describes 7 thunders and a beautiful angel prepares for the end.

TAPE #R1116 "Anti-Christ's Enemies" Revelation 11:1-6 Describes 2 mighty witness who oppose the Beast, they control weather patterns.

TAPE #R11714 "Execution and Resurrection On CNN" Revelation 11:7-14 The Anti-Christ succeeds in assassinating God's 2 Witnesses, but it does not end there!

TAPE #R111519 "The Nations War With God" Revelation 11:15-19 The Revelation while yet future, is written as history because it was authored by God.

TAPE #R13110 " Evil On The Horizon Part 1" Revelation 13:1-10 The Anti-Christ is executed and brought back to life by Satan. Earth now worships him.

TAPE #R13110 "Evil On The Horizon Part 2" Revelation 13:1-10 Anti-Christ's reign continues.

TAPE #R131118 "Evil On The Horizon Part 3, The False Prophet" Revelation 13:11-18 Describes how the unholy trinity is being revealed as a sorry counterpart to God's Holy Trinity. The "Mark of the Beast" instituted.

TAPE #R14115 "There Is Still Time" Revelation 14:1-15 More information about the 144,000.

TAPE #R14611 "Insanity Masquerading As Authority" Revelation 14:6-11 Receive "The Mark" and you are eternally damned in The Lake Of Fire: don't do it!

TAPE GAP (Revelation 14:12-19:6) to be offered later.

TAPE #R1979 "Are You Headed For The Wedding In The Sky?" Revelation 19:7-9 We are the Bride of Christ. For all time He will care for us.

TAPE #R201115 "Ultimate Background Files" Revelation 20:11-15 Every moment of our lives will be revealed one day. How embarrassing!

TAPE R#2118 "Several Things Not Found In Heaven" Revelation 21-1-8 No more pain, no more night, no more evil. Will you be there?

TAPE R#2217 "What Will We Do In Heaven?" Revelation 22:1-7 Literally, what we will do in Heaven for all time!

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